Assessing the leadership qualities is difficult because leadership encompasses a wide scope of things. Yet, when the time comes to recruit the best leader for your workgroup, you must have some kind of benchmark to guide you. You can get this by using the screening tests provided by the software companies.

Quality of a leader

They prepare the tests taking into account the distinguishing characteristics of the leader. This talent helps the person assume responsibility and carry out the work. These will act at these levels:

  1. Basic level key problem solver
  2. Achiever of desired outcome
  3. Catalyst for breakout efforts
  4. Co-creator level shares goal
  5. Ready for unexpected possibilities

The Leadership Agility Assessment test will check and determine whether the candidate has the skill and at what level he or she will use it. At the basic level of leadership, the candidate is able to keep his head and solve the problems that confront him. The person is able to assess the situation and take charge. He determines the best course forward and implements it. This quality is present in all the leaders even if they have nothing else.

Second type of leader

At the next level, the leader is able to point the efforts in the direction of the desired outcome. The problem with this scenario is to convince other people to think alike. They must also get the same picture and then agree to work towards this goal.

The achiever is able to do this with the least effort because that is the talent he possesses. He is able to get everyone into the same mind frame to achieve the immediate target and this helps the work to move along. By using suitable questions with interlinked answers, the software company will detect this quality in the candidate.

The Leadership Agility Assessment then goes to the catalyst. This is a person who is always excited about something. He always has many things going on and though he may not achieve success in all he tries, he keeps working to all the goals.

The main thing is the enthusiasm that he shows; this helps the people around him to assume responsibility, small roles of participation in the event currently underway. In the multi-choice segment, he is sure to pick the option where he has many things to do and lots of people to help him do this.

Most common type

The common leader we see among us is the one who shares responsibility. He does not inspire or lead as much as he delegates. He chooses well and makes sure that the work gets done. You can check the sample question papers with the software provider to see the questions that this leader will answer.

Recruiting companies have well-defined scope of operations. They know the kind of leader they need. So, choosing the question bank with the right type of questions will solve your problem of finding the right leader.

The recruiting company might add some questions to the bank before submitting it to the candidates to answer. The answer to this question will tell them who the right candidate is.