Your front yards and back yards can definitely be ornamented with some exceptional designs. You can add practical as well as stylish touches in your designs to make your outdoor space look stunning. Starting from applying mixed greenery to geometric garden, you can try different ideas. Here are some effective new ways for decorating your front yards or back yards.

Floral Front Yard: Yes, flowers can surely play a great role in decorating the entrance of your home. You can add flowers in the front yard as well as the window boxes for complementing the outside color of your house. Try to choose the shade of the colors carefully. You can also add a second color or a different type of flowers to create a dramatic effect.

You can also add a second color or a different type of flowers to create a dramatic effect. We recommend easy growing flowers like amaryllis bulbs since they require very little maintenance.

Plant Coral Honeysuckle: The blooming time of the honey suckle plant is generally from mid-June to September. The blossoms of this trumpet shaped flowers can provide perfume throughout the entire garden. This particular plant is popular for twining around anything in its path. With a size of 10 to 15 ft, this miracle plant also attracts a large number of hummingbirds.

Backyard Walkway: You can clean up your backyard, which was filled with overgrown perennial beds. Many crannies and nooks of the landscape can be easily connected with the refreshed gravel paths.

View From Inside: Your garden must look stunning from inside also. To increase the scenic beauty from windows, you can add a trumpet vine in the tall structures or posts.

Green Entrance: Instead of a lawn, you can fill your entrance with different plants. The gravel path with green on both sides can really provide a majestic look in your entrance. The experts from the king landscape company can provide proper guidance for arranging the front yards.

Outdoor Room: You can create an excellent room within your garden with an excellent view. With rose bowered pergola or trumpet vines, you can easily create an extraordinary look at ‘room outside your room’. The grass bed can be organized with concrete pavers in an excellent checkerboard style.

Garden Path: Plant edible vegetables or ornamental plants on both sides of your garden path. The entrance may look magnificent with a stone lion of ancient ages. You can add daisies or white phlox by the sides of the vegetable patches.

Secret Garden: If you want to obtain seclusion or privacy, you can create living walls with plants. A natural roof can easily be created with bed of roses and Cedar Abor plants. For dining or relaxing, the place can be used with a proper seating arrangement.

Geometric Garden: You can provide different geometric shapes to your garden with organized rows. Enough space can be provided for adding the paprika peppers, purple basil or jalapeno.

Pedestrian Plants: You can create a green ground cover with evergreen plants. Your ground will definitely hold the green shine and will surround your path in front of your home.

Stone Walkway: With simple geometry, you can add stones in your walkway. The alium stones can be added throughout the entire path of your garden which can complement the colors of your yards.

Garden Arbor: If you possess a small pool, you can add evergreen plants on all the four sides to create a palette look throughout the year. Make sure that you are using complementary colors while designing your poolside.

Always remember that the front yards or the back yards are places where you can unwind yourself. Therefore play around with your ideas and never let your creativity waste. You can even think of adding a fireplace in your garden where you can relax the chilly winters after your work.

Author Bio: Samuel Peterson is a well known landscape designer who works at king landscape company. In this article, he is providing some excellent ideas for creating innovative landscape designs.