When you are looking to hire a tree removal service to trim the trees in your yard or to actually have the trees removed completely there are a few things you need to keep in mind.

First, when checking out a tree trimming service, you will need to verify the credentials and licenses of the contractor in charge of the company.  Verify that the company is actually licensed and that the company has liability insurance—to cover any damages that may occur during the tree trimming or removal process to your home or other possessions; as well, you will want to be sure that their employees are covered under some form of worker’s compensation insurance, to ensure if an employee is injured on your property while doing the job you do not become liable for their injuries.

Don’t be afraid to ask the tree trimming professionals at Michael Tree Service for any referrals from previous customers as to the work they have performed in the past.  The company should have some sort of portfolio of photographs anyway to show off previous jobs as their way of advertising the work they do, so they won’t get offended by your asking for this information—if they are a legit company.   You can also go online and check out Angie’s List to get a complete list of member review and ratings.

Make sure that the company you are interviewing gives you a written estimate of what the job is going to costs, from start to finish and if there is going to be any additional fees, they need to let you know up front what these fees may be.

Does the company charge extra fees for doing additional services such as grinding the stump?  If they do, you may want to find another company that is all inclusive with the job.

Is there any special equipment that may be required to do the job you are hiring the tree service company to do? If there is, are you going to have to pay for this special equipment, such as a crane for extra high trees?

Are the employees they hire to work for this tree removal service experienced and professional in the field?  You want to ensure that the workers the company hires are experienced and will do a good job; also, you may want to inquire if the company has a professional arborist on staff.

When you make the final decision, about what tree removal service you are going to go with, make sure they understand exactly what you want to get done.  You don’t want them to top off or trim any trees that you have been caring for and have an attachment for.  Make certain that before the workers fire up their chainsaws they know which trees you want removed and which trees you just want trimmed or pruned.  It would be a devastating experience if the beloved apple tree that has been in the family for years were cut down in error because of a lack of communication.