Drone racing is a fast rising hobby – and it is no wonder. Flying drone at high speed whereas experiencing the flight over the little drunken camera plus perhaps flying around with his friends is just enormously fascinating. Nowadays, another exciting piece has gone on the display screen and we want to present it to you. It is additional cheap toy at home, the Feilun FX133, which is moreover appropriate for beginners. It is a compassionate quadrupole that is furnished with propeller guards plus a few elementary functions. You will get the whole thing you need for your first take-off (RTF), counting an pleasant radio that could hold quite well.


This dandelion could be reminded by a ladybird otherwise a ladybird. Because of its focus on starting pilots, it proffers an entire of solid equipment. We ponder the built-in 6-axis gyroscope as a matter obviously, and so we frequently do not remark it. There is no camera here, however we definitely do not ponder it a deficiency. Here on the contrary. Features comprise 360 ​​° flips in diverse directions and debated Headless mode.

Safety is protected in this model in the procedure of propeller defense, so while you hit the eye with a drone, you must not even hurt him much. There is furthermore protection against over voltage, under voltage plus short circuit. And there is still one feature that is not fairly common in this group. Automatic arrival on signal loss otherwise button command from driver. On one charge, this must last for four minutes, plus it should be capable to repeat it for additional thirty minutes. Now, let’s get the one who does not like it at first.

The shell itself is prepared of carbon fiber armor-plated plastic (composite), which creates the drone tremendously robust. Robustness is a significant characteristic of a racetrack as control plus clash with numerous obstacles is incredible to avoid. At least if you challenge your own hovering skills.
A plastic screen packs all the electrical constituents elegantly.

The FEILUN FX 133 RC Quadcopter is small, however full of features. It dominates the “360 ° overrun” as well as can be landed spontaneously at the push of a switch. The remote control appearances clear, the gas could be controlled right plus left and the size is also appropriate for hands of adults.

In the facade part of the airplane there is an 800TVL camera which is pretty fine protected by the detachable canopy.

Flying this drone itself is wonderful entertaining owing to its engine power plus its ability to rush and maneuver. Though, at the same time, the attached display kit for the camera’s camera gives this experience an added dimension. You almost get the feeling of even sitting in the cockpit through the flight. The comprised and already combined FPV kit contains of an HD camera straddling on the front of the drill, which could be angled as said by how fast you fly, a built-in 600 TVL video transmitter as well as a 5 “LCD monitor by integrated video receiver such as easily straddling on the controller.