When you are working out to lose weight and build awesome muscles, you need to be really selective about the exercises because otherwise, you will end up just wasting both your time and effort. Some of the top exercises that you should steer clear of when you want to drop those excess pounds fast:


Even though CrossFit workouts are being touted as the best way of getting in shape, it may not be an ideal exercise for losing weight. The intensity of exercises involved in CrossFit is extremely high and any injury sustained can put paid to your goal of losing weight. CrossFit may work for you if you are already in a very good shape but for most people, it may be advisable to stay away to lessen your risk of injury. You may get better results from a fitness routine that is more sustainable with moderate-intensity exercises and by following a healthy diet.

Cardio for Long Durations

Many people do extended sessions of cardio for burning fat; however, not combining cardio with strength training can lead to loss of muscle. With strength training, you can build lean muscle that in turn, increases your metabolic rate and helps you to burn fat. However, you should be cautious when attempting high-intensity exercises as there is always a risk of injury. Keep your muscle mass intact by limiting your cardio workouts to not more than three sessions of 30 minutes every week. You can make your strength training more effective with the use of steroids.


If there’s anything that is just the absolute opposite of CrossFit, then it must be yoga, however, that does not automatically make it an ideal form of exercise for losing weight fast. While yoga has its own merits, most people will be surprised to learn that they can burn double the number of calories even by walking very briskly compared to doing yoga. For anyone to lose weight, the first imperative is scaling up the level of physical activity. While yoga is great for toning your body and gaining strength, to shed those extra pounds, you need to work out to the maximum possible so that you burn calories and boost your metabolism.


Pilates delivers a number of benefits including enhanced body flexibility and balance as well as better relaxation, however, burning fat fast is not one of them. It is a very good way of gradually building and strengthening your muscles so that you lessen your chances of getting injured while working out. To maximize the loss of fat, you should do a mix of heavy compound weightlifting and cardio exercises but Pilates has no scope of doing them.


There is a common tendency among people to try and cherry pick areas from which to shed fat, however, when you are working out, it is not possible to be selective. The best way to lose weight fast is to really work out your muscles through high-intensity exercises; however, you must make sure that your body has sufficient strength to avoid injury.

Author Bio: Adam Greene is the author of two books on health and fitness. A prolific blogger, he has commented a number of times regarding the best ways of using steroids for muscle mass building and losing weight.