One of the most availed transport systems in the country is the train. Indian Railways is the sole responsible institutions for the successful running of trains throughout the length and breadth of the country. Indian Railways does offer various types of facilities and amenities to its passengers with its improved services. With every passing day, the Railway Board and the government has been doing its bit to improve comfort, convenience and speed, and help passengers to benefit immensely from their travel.


Its subsidiary, the IRCTC (Indian Railway Catering & Tourism Corp) is said to be in charge of catering services on all trains running throughout the country including major railway stations. The services offered in different trains depend upon the distances that are covered by it, including passenger load factor. Meals can be found at selected stations. Some trains do have in them personal pantry cars, where food is prepared and served in the trains.

Online ticketing

Indian Railways is said to have adopted modern technology and has used internet and GPS tracking properly. Now, it has become much easier to make Indian railway inquiry using the computer or smartphone sitting from the comfort of the office or the home or even on the move. The online train ticketing system has made it possible for people to buy their tickets from anywhere and at any time. There is no more the need to visit the far away located railway ticket counters and stand in long queues for the ticket.

Ticketing system has become much simple. Even cancellation is no more a hassle. Tickets can also be modified as desired. The government and the Railway Board are currently planning to come up with flexible ticket system similar to that of airlines. This can help passengers to save a good amount of money on their ticketing charges, especially those who make early bookings. IRCTC does provide passengers with E-tickets and I-tickets, both of which are valid to travel. The latter is delivered by post.

Suburban railway

Mumbai suburban railway commuters are sure to get the facility to book season tickets through IRCTC to travel on a daily basis. A new program has been started by IRCTC named ‘Shubh Yatra,’ which focuses on those passengers requiring travelling regularly. This system also allows passengers to get discounts on all tickets that are booked throughout the year. They just need to pay up upfront annual fee.


The Railway Board has come up with different types of deluxe and budget package tours to cater to the different segments of the society, including domestic and foreign tourists. The tourism packages offered does cover the major tourist destinations of the country, referred to as ‘The Bharat Darshan.’ Also are available luxury tourism packages with special luxury trains like the following:

  • Royal Orient Express
  • Palace on Wheels
  • Deccan Odyssey
  • Royal Rajasthan and
  • The Golden Chariot.

Traveling by such trains is sure to make the journey all the more pleasant and a lifetime experience. Indian Railways also has been offering tourists with several adventure tourism packages.