Hiring technical resource is no joke. Especially when it comes to a programming language like C++, Java, etc. it becomes tough to conduct and cover interview to pick the right resource. This can be resolved with the help of the online assessment tests. Find below in this section regarding the hiring process carried out by the recruiter to hire a Java developer, engineer, programmer, architect, etc. however, you call it.

Java is a OOPs language, and the developer can write it one to run it anywhere. The candidate must be efficient to write the code once that is compatible with all the platforms.

Steps Taken By the Recruiter to Hire a Java Resource

Screens Resume

The recruiter will screen the resume based on the keywords given by the technical team. A good recruiter knows to check the keyword in two areas. One is the primary keyword section that is candidates will mention those skills they are confident about in the central skill section.

Next is to check in the project, to know how they have used the language in their project. Also, the recruiter will not use CTRL+F to find the number of times the word Java appeared. But will understand the role of the candidate in using the Java framework and libraries. In short, the recruiter is expected to know not Java coding but the basics of the language.

Telephonic Screening

Next, the recruiter will call the candidate to understand if the resume speaks truth to 80%. Yes, this step can be carried out by an efficient recruiter, and there is no need for any technical resource to spend time at this stage. The recruiter will identify the candidate closeness to the project by asking them a question about their roles and responsibilities.

It is the fact that recruiter cannot make out if the answer is right technically, but can make out if the candidate is genuine. This can be done by listening to the candidates’ dialogue delivery on the phone, the confidence level, and their contribution to the project. For example, if the candidate can explain the plan in his/her own words without fumbling, then the recruiter can take the candidate to the next step.

Online Test

Now, the recruiter will ask the candidate to take a java assessment test online. Every company depends on the online test provider to design the questions based on their projects and requirement. The test will be a comprehensive test to know the candidate’s Java coding ability, programming skills, and understanding of the algorithm. Thus the test results will indicate the fitness of the candidate for the technical interview.

Technical Interview

Only in this stage, the technical team will be called for, and till now the recruiter managed the show to save the project team time and hence delivery will not be disturbed. The interviewer will ask questions after going through the test results, and consequently, the right Java candidate will be selected.

Therefore, it is essential for every company to understand the need for an online Java test to get the right resource across the table for an interview. Even if the recruiter slips in the resume screening or telephonic conversation, the online trial will assess the candidature in an unbiased manner.