Pencils are the best friend for children, artists, and graphic designers. A good quality pencil is everyone’s choice, but many of you are confused between custom pencils and promotional pencils. But, you should avoid this confusion and read the difference between them. You will get an idea which one is better and according to your purpose you must choose the same.Pencils

Custom pencils- they are self design pencils which you can customize in your own designs and thoughts. They are attractive, stylish, and beautiful to use. The pencils can be customized based on your ideas or you can take the ideas from the designers. He or she will provide you an idea based on your choice and exactly imprint the same pencil in your way. You can get a perfect customize pencil as per your choice.

Promotional pencils- These pencils are well crafted for promotional events in graphic design company, in the art studio or any art competition or school events. These pencils help you promote your business and take it to the next level. You can use the pencil as per your choice and promote your art, business in your own way.

Usage- You can use the custom pencil to gift your kids or near and dear ones. You can use the custom pencil as birthday gift and surprise your children. They will be more than happy and it will give you immense pleasure as parents. It will be a different birthday gift for them as the name will be imprint on the body of pencil. So, you can use the pencil and customize it in your style and you will be more than happy. While, promotional pencils are use for promotion purpose. It helps your business to flourish and the name of your company on the pen will help them remember about your business.

Designs- In custom pencil, the designs can be informal and you can go for any design. You will get the pencil in strawberry designs or jelly fish designs. They are very cute and attractive to kids. You can opt for these designs in custom made pencils. In promotional pencil, the designs are more simple yet elegant. They come in bold and single color pen so that one can get business approach from your pen and get a straightforward message.

Corporate/personal- In custom pencil, you will get a personal feeling and touch. These pencils are attractive and children will be very happy with the design, style and unique look. The personal feeling really looks awesome and you will feel better and it will give you more happiness and you will find a personal touch with your children. Whereas, the promotional pencils are corporate in nature and they give a serious approach.  You can use these pencils for your personal need and you will get major in the expansion of your business.

Now, you come to know all the differences, you must choose the pencil as per your choice. It will help you effectively in your purpose and need. So, make sure you can choose the exact pencil as per your need. It will definitely help you effectively and you can choose the pencil from a good service provider at the best price and it will serve the purpose respectively in a different way at the best price. Visit this website surely help you to get quality pencils that can be CUSTOMIZED with your company name or logo, shipping and factory direct prices.