Are you looking forward to buy excellent quality window curtains in NYC? If yes, there are a number of curtains stores available in NYC offering a range of designs and patterns in window curtains. Curtains, also sometimes known as drape are usually the piece of fabric used to block or obscure light, sound, heat and cold.

When choosing curtains for your home, make sure they look like a natural extension of the room. Make sure that the type of curtain style you choose, must provide adequate ventilation and insulation in the room, meets your privacy requirements and compliments the d├ęcor of your home. Some of the popular styles of curtains that are widely in demand these days are:

  • Austrian curtain: Austrian curtain, also known as a puff curtain has multiple lines distributed evenly across the length of the fabric.
  • Waterfall curtain: Waterfall curtain generally has vertical pleats as of traditional theatre curtain. This type of window treatment adds a striking touch to any room.
  • Brail curtain: Brail curtain usually appears as a pleated panel with a faster action.

All the above mentioned types of curtains can be availed in a variety of decorative fabrics. You can also buy custom-made window curtains as per your exact requirements.1 scp