Create Light and Space

Ensuring there is enough natural light should be a top consideration when planning your small office interior design, and it can be a simple and relatively cheap trick. Having more natural light will enhance your workspace and help boost the mood of staff, leading to an increase in productivity.

One cost-effective solution is to take down interior walls for a more open feel or use glass walls when you need to create a private office for meetings. Workstations can block a lot of sunlight, so another tip is to use large desks and workbenches instead.

Although a small office may not have a lot of room in terms of square metres, there is always more space to be found if you know where to look for it. Employees need plenty of space in which to work and move around. Cramming furniture in will only make the space feel smaller, while allowing for plenty of space between desks and in corridors means people can move around easily and there is a sense of flow.Also, you can give your employees an illusion of extra inside space and a chance to connect with the outside space by having desks facing windows.

It is well known that open-plan offices can lead to more creativity and communication between staff, with shared benches and desks bringing people together to work on various projects.


Storage Solutions

Keeping clutter at bay is essential in a small office, and there are a lot of cutting-edge yet cost-effective designs available. With space at a premium, any small office interior design needs to be carefully planned, with furniture that has built-in hidden storage.

Ensuring that computer cables, cords and plugs are neatly labelled and wrapped is another way of ensuring that your workspace is tidy. It’s really inexpensive to do this using clever clips and eye hooks.

Think Outside the Box

Don’t be afraid to put a little of your or your company’s personality into the design. Adding an accent colour, which possibly ties in with your branding, can create a personal touch at little cost. Quirky pieces of art or a funky feature wall can also be a cost-effective way of adding interest.

If your small office isn’t working at its best, it wastes time, as staff find it harder to perform tasks.

Good office design is vitally important to the success of your business, so it may be worth consulting a professional design company to re-invigorate your workplace and workforce.

While it may seem expensive to hire a professional designer, they are experts in creating a functional yet beautiful office space which will keep your staff happy and impress clients. They will also be able to project-manage the fitting to a specified budget and know where to go for cost-effective solutions.