2017 is on the verge of its end and 2018 is at your doorstep knocking the door. And if you haven’t already impressed your crush, then you better do soon because Valentine’s Day is approaching. However, apart from using one liner and pick-up lines, there is another way through which you can impress your crush – by sending her some flowers.

There are plenty of websites that offer services of online flower delivery in Ludhiana. These websites not just deal in flowers but also amazing goodies. You can take help of such services to impress your secret crush in an impressive manner-

  1. Send Roses – Sounds clichéd; isn’t it? But hey! Roses are the symbol of love and affection and if you haven’t sent your crush roses, what have you done? You can choose the best colors of roses and tie them it into a bunch. And it doesn’t necessarily have to be only red. Make a bunch of different colors of roses – red, yellow, pink, white and blue – all the colors that you can find and send them to her! This way, you won’t have to worry about being way too forward or being way too passionate about your feelings. She won’t run away!
  2. Use Handpicked Options – Use your creativity and try to find some of the best handpicked options available for flowers. Pre-made bouquets are really no more a thing, and they are just way too routine. By choosing and picking your own selected flowers to make the bouquet will help you choose the best for your crush and you can add a few little things that might impress her overly. Quirky but pretty – what else do you need?
  3. Surprise Her – You can simply surprise her by sending a bunch of flowers on a particular morning. But make sure it doesn’t seem very needy and spooky of yours and you need to make sure that you have not freaked her out. Try sending something which doesn’t loudly utter the message about your feelings and yet gives a little hint. This one is a tricky one – you need to work on this one a bit.
  4. Send Lilies – Who isn’t a fan of lilies? White lilies are one of the most beautiful flowers and girls love them! Try and send your crush a bunch of white lilies on her birthday! And she, sure as hell, will be impressed by you.
  5. Choose Flowers According to Your Message – Remember that flowers send messages and you need to make sure that you know what you want to convey. Choose flowers according to your message. Here are a few meanings of flowers you might love to know –
  • Red roses mean love and affection. So if you wish to tell her you love her, send her a bunch of red roses.
  • Yellow roses mean the depth of friendship. If you think that you are happy being friends, then these are the safest option.
  • Dark red roses means unconscious beauty – if you want to tell her she is breathtakingly beautiful, this is the right way to tell.
  • Lavender rose means love at first sight. Think before you send one!