Clenbuterolis a weight loss solution; quick and very effective. Clenbuterolaids in curbing down fat and enhances heart and lung functions and breathing rhythms by shooting up oxygen movement, empowering users to shape up the body and maintain the healthy weight throughout.


Itis a natural and effective supplement used to cure asthma and other breathing disease also.

Supplement in various sizes

The supplement in various sizes like 20 mcg, 40 mcg and 50 mcg are consumed by people across all age groups to get rid of fat tissues, drop weight and maintain a lean physique.

Powerful fat loosing medicinal supplement

Clenbuterol is a powerful fat loosing medicinal supplement with substantial muscle retention capacities. In earlier days, on an experiment basis, Clenbuterol was given to animals to expand growth of lean mass. For over dose issues, the supplement is presently debarred from commercial sale especially online and across the counter. But, it is still a hot favourite amongst bodybuilders and enthusiasts due to its noticeable capability.

Strong supplementary medicine

Clenbuterol is a strong supplementary medicine that instigates Beta-2 receptors which consequently enhances the overall metabolic functions of the body. This increased Beta stimulation shoots up body temperature as the thermal condition of the cells and tissues rise. As the spur takes place within the mitochondria of the cell, as a result more heat is generated by the cells. Consequently metabolism shoots up thereby burning the fat cells and muscles.

Clenbuterol has many side effects and prolonged usage may cause harm to internal organs and cells. The most common impact of regular consumption is that the user may feel frazzled, weak hands and feet, constant tremor and an overall uneasy feeling. Insomnia, depression and mood swings are also commonly prevalent side effects.A very painful lateral impact for the medicine is muscle cramp. Though, adequate consumption of water and right proportion of sodium and potassium for body balance can avoid such disorders.

Negative impacts of this supplement

One of the alarming negative impacts of this supplement is expansion and unnecessary growth of ventricles of heart. This condition may even lead to congestive heart disorders. In order to avoid such situations, one must keep a careful eye on the dose and high doses should be strictly avoided. There are various cycles of Clenbuterol that are optimum for different users across different age groups.

Dose in the morning

One dose in the morning is good enough as the same is operational throughout the day and morning dose does not interfere with sleep. The advisable cycle is two weeks of regular consumption i.e. once in a day and then a break for two weeks.

The details of usage, composition, benefits and long term impacts are discussed in detail at One can go through the reading material published in the link in detail before starting the dose.