Can Americans Achieve Even More By Using Cell Phone Technology?

Current United States government administrations recognize the fact that countless Americans who live below a particular level of income almost always experience an undue lack of access to both computer-owned Internet access and telephone-communications connectivity. Several reasons exist, which clarify why such disconnection may remain harmful to both local and worldwide society. Put simply, being without an affordable mobile phone, Internet-enabled computer, or accompanying cell phone technology in year 2016 propagates the following negative outcomes:


  • Essentially denies the options of monetary savings and assistance to segments of society which demonstrate the most crucial needs.
  • Particularly targets “children” in a potentially harmful way, as early childhood technical education and learning comprises a critical component of lifetime success.
  • Potentially fails to help protect, preserve, plus advance competitive progress and economic triumph for comprehensive United States development.
  • Exacerbates the negative social chasm which currently exists between “rich and poor” in America.

While the Obama phone program resolves basic problems regarding telephone access and calling, for example, it still does not adequately address the actual training and understanding of hands-on computer operation. This is one of the greatest differences between the discounted PC or laptop system, and simple cell phone technology delivery. In other words, eligible citizens can learn on their own (by having an actual computer in hand). Further, they can opt for the accompanying government-sponsored laptop tutorial training programs, which typically involve little or no fees at all.

Continuing, on the topic of “who actually pays for the so-called ‘free government cell phone’ and its associated Internet cell-phone-technology connection?” To this end, several partnership plans help to support the United States government’s presentation of discounted and/or free phone and computer programs. For example, private business enterprises have also agreed to provide household-style Internet service options to needy families. Additional options supplied by public companies include the choice to pay less than ten dollars on a per-month basis for broadband computer access connectivity.

Furthermore, training on how to use a computer can also come at minuscule or zero cost, along with one’s eligibility for moderate-income laptop or PC acquisition. A recent CNET report by Reisinger and Reardon, for example, reveals that non-profit organizations similar to the James M. Cox Foundation, for instance, have low-cost arrangements which comprise student Internet tablet deliveries at a reasonably affordable cost of approximately thirty dollars each. Combined with continually-existing federal government supplies of taxpayer allocated funds, the end result produces billions of dollars to help Americans who want, need, and deserve to possess affordable Internet access, computer ownership, plus telephone communications.

Thus, high efficacy exists within the fact that free phones from the government can assist in providing a solution for both the deficiency in social communications plus the inefficiency of nationwide economic expansion. For instance, current cell related telephone technology lends itself extremely well as an ideal complement to online task work performance. Standard connections to monthly wireless service programs help make this possible. Americans in essentially every aspect of life now require access to the web. These needs include family, learning, plus work-related purposes.

With greater access to government phone and computer-associated mobile technology also comes United States society’s increased ability to perform intellectually expansive research, write educationally enhanced paperwork, plus superbly satisfy familial needs associated with normal activities of daily living.

Social, industrial, plus personal enrichment and enhancement — these comprise just a few of the potential benefits of federal mobile-phone assistance plus government-sponsored computer access in the homes of individuals or families facing low-income challenges.

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