Cedar siding is just like the wood siding but this is made with the good quality wood which covers itself from damaging from the elements like mold and algae. This siding also has a huge demand in the market. This siding is also good for all weathers as it remains secure in all weather conditions like summer, winter, rain, storms and snowfall. This siding is no more expensive as other sidings like metal siding or vinyl siding

These sidings can be cleaned through different methods and techniques. You can clean your cedar siding from the scrubbing method or power washing method. You will need to do some basics for cleaning your cedar siding.

Methods for cleaning cedar siding:

  • Power washing:

Power washing method is a good and successful method but it contains some caution to avoid the damage. Whenever you are using the power washer on the cedar siding you must slow down the pressure as you can because if you apply high pressured power washer then your cedar siding will get damage. So must make sure about the setting of the pressure. If you can slow down the pressure then the dust will remove more quickly and in a good manner.

While using the power washer you can also add a detergent in it to make it more effectively. You can also apply the soap or another detergent with the water to make the look of your cedar siding more effectively. You can use power washing in a way that you first start from the top of the sidings and end up to the last siding of the bottom line. You can wash easily by yourself but you can only need a power washer. If you will not have a power washer then you can also hire a washer from the market.

  • Scrubbing:

Scrubbing is also the other method for which you can clean your cedar siding. For this, you need some material like a soft brush, detergent, and one-gallon warm water. Firstly, you pick the brush and rub it on the siding with the detergent. You must use the warm water because it gives you abetter result than cold water. Warm water helps you to remove the whole dirt and make your cedar siding as new as you installed at that moment. So, scrubbing nicely on the siding and do work slowly to remove the whole dirt on it.

You will need to start scrubbing from the top of the corner of one side of the cedar siding and end at the other end. You can do work simply as do scrubbing one be one sheet of the siding and do the same up to the last. You will need to do work from the top side and end at the bottom side of the siding. You can also use alittle amount of washing bleach with the detergent to remove the hard dust. It is better to wear safety gloves while working with the detergents and acidic bleach.

From the above, we concluded that cedar siding can be cleaned from different methods but you must know about some basics and the right way about it. This siding can be easily cleaned with the water and the detergents but you make sure about using the high-pressure water as it damages the siding badly.But if you are facing trouble while cleaning cedar sidings then you may need to contact professional Siding contractors in Michigan for assistance.