Dear chums, a it is always good to have a money market account. It helps people in many ways by keeping the balance higher along with the interest rates being high and it is said to be much better than basic savings account. In order that the customers should find a best money market account, there are many such offers which have been collected by the firms and other credit unions. So, that the customer finds it easy to access the accounts.

A money market interest rates account offers the following:-

  • It offers a save place to place all the liquid funds or set them aside
  • It can be used in the case of financial emergency
  • This type of account can also be used to hold the funds and use it during the times of volatility of market
  • It also additionally helps in determining the interest rate which is to be paid in the account

Money Market Deposit Accounts

Money market and capital market offers the following in money market deposits account. It is also important for the customers to know what is money market account, setting aside of the funds with the money market account especially which is held with the bank or any credit union is known as money market deposit account.

  • It can be compared with the conventional savings account
  • Money market deposits account usually differs form other financial institution
  • It has very less restrictions with regards how the customers deposits the funds and has invested it
  • The credit unions and the banks are likely to lend the funds out to the other clients and also charge on the loans the interest rates in case of a savings account
  • In case of money market deposits account, the banks can invests in the following –
  • Short term securities
  • Certificates of deposit (CDs)
  • Municipal bonds
  • Treasury notes (T-notes)
  • Lastly, giving loan funds to the customer

Money Market Mutual Funds –

  • Money market mutual fund offers a relatively low risk setting which is for the cash equivalent to the liquid funds
  • It also offers short term securities and the banks also offers deposits account which includes the following –
  • Commercial paper
  • Treasury securities
  • Municipal bonds
  • Highly rated debt securities ( including maturity date which is less than one year)

So, now people can easily invest in this safest method which is much better than basic savings account.