Since long ago communication has played a very important role in the daily life of man, who has always been in need of communicating with his peers for the purpose of expressing his feelings and waiting for a response. Communication is a process so simple but at the same time primordial for human life, involving elements known as: emitter, message, channel, receiver and feedback which is carried out between two or more people, these characteristics are the essence dynamics of the process. But, out of every type of communication, written communication takes the cake while determining the success of a business.

It is important to know that communication is inevitable since one cannot stop doing it, the human being constantly sends nonverbal messages even when we are silent, this can be seen reflected in gestures, postures, the expression of the face and different behaviors in the that we can identify certain attitudes. It is also important to mention that communication is irreversible, that is, the words that we say can no longer be returned, that is why it plays a very important role to think before speaking, and more importantly the way we say the words things. The same principle can be applied to business writing. It doesn’t matter what business you’re in – If you are in an industry, you NEED to communicate.

Learning is based on communication, since the knowledge acquired is based on the interaction of one person with another in which different information, ideas, thoughts and experiences can be transmitted, coupled with the practice of their work and the previous information that has, thus fulfilling a process of communication. On the other hand the organizational climate has to be the right one in an organization, since it is an environment in which the worker has to develop daily and again the most important factor is communication, since it depends on whether it performs well within the organization. The skills to communicate are also relevant, which is why large companies see communication as a very important factor.

Importance for executives

For an executive or a leader, it is vital to develop and polish the skill of written communication, as they have to send emails, faxes and other written directives on a daily basis to their teams. Without a clear and concise written message, it is impossible for the rest of the employees to be able to perform on maximum efficiency. So, for the CEOs and managers, written communication should be a prerequisite.

Importance for the rest

As far as business writing goes, not being able to express that crucial marketing report’s findings, the reason of your request for leaves, your skills and excitement for that new job to make your cover letter appealing, or anything else for that matter. The professional world relies on written communication.

Importance for the whole business

Looking at the business as a whole, business writing will make or break your business. Writing press releases, interacting with your audience on social media, writing product descriptions and other everyday business copywriting tasks need be to flawless and professionally written. Some 50 years ago this might have not been so important, but in this age of information and constant connection, written communication is everything for all businesses.

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