If you try explaining to a layman, that you work as a professional in big data- they will give you amused looks. Some would cough it off pretending they know what does that mean (if even they don’t know). Others will give you bemused looks and ask what’s that- on your face. Your parents will have a hard time explaining to next-door neighbors which JamesBond job you are in. Chances are even your parents hardly understand what you do. But that’s most of these jobs are like these days.

Anyway, let’s not digress from the point that we are discussing. The big data analytics career trends:

Streaming analytics with the help of Spark Streaming and Apache Flink:Enterprise capabilities will have one important feature- streaming analytics. Adoption of it will become indispensable. Apache Flank and Spark Streaming will become bigger in terms of usage as open streaming engines source. With strong collaboration with Hadoop Data Lake will help companies to have a competitive advantage using data that otherwise went wasted.

Demand for big data certifications skyrockets:The interconnected devices will proliferate and 2020 will see 34 billion connected devices. Data exploration and leveraging them for the fulfillment of manifold business objectives become reality for companies of all sizes and dimensions. The targeting of marketing messages to audiences will become better and so will the personalization. The real potential of some of the inconspicuous technologies become conspicuous such as machine learning, AI, and Iota.

Improved customer experiences:Companies extract data from everything. Social media to health monitors to taxi data to retail footfall- everything is within the grasp of data which is big. Data extraction becomes crucial for data-centric businesses thriving on data mining. Explaining in simpler terms to the companies require professionals possessing big data certifications. The big data analytics career will boom to an all-time new level and professionals will be paid as per their demands.

Data virtualization brings business intelligence:Business decisions will be based on data more than any time ever in the history of the business. It will be driven by professionals sure of their strengths and dependent on the knowledge gained from big data certifications. Business intelligence will become an attitude that companies reflect based on their strengths in data mining. Those companies will get powerful and successful which have got actionable data filtered through the vast expanse of data.

Cloud-based data analysis fortifies: The successful data analysis in Cloud and the benefits it provides will force companies to look for options in Cloud. It drastically reduces the operations and maintenance costs. More data will be present in Cloud than before. Furthermore, it strengthens the plans and objectives to drive more action from the data the organizational systems generate. This is sure to send the salaries, of those who understand data and its curves, to the ceiling as the industry looks at the spurt of the industry to trillion-dollars.