You can’t go to the top-notch universities because of insufficient budget or other circumstances? Are you tied to study in universities you don’t want to study from? Not fair!

Let the top-notch universities come to you. Fair enough!

Some of the best universities in the world offer course in partnership with best platforms providing the testing specifications like edx, NovoEd, and Udacity. From degrees to online degrees, we are heading to Nanodegrees which get completed in few months or few weeks to few days.

The important question to ask when getting admitted to an online program is whether these programs are worthy of your time and investment? The answer is education is as good as skills you possess and as long as your skills prove your educational qualifications, you are in a safe zone.

Here’s the low-down to the best universities in the world for online courses:

Pennsylvania State University: The greatest of the great universities in the world. Its online course programs are collectively placed under the name of Penn State World Campus. Truly, the university becomes a campus of the world as there are over 120 online courses for various undergraduate, graduate, and certifications. Annually, 12000 students pursue courses from here and get access to library services, online tutoring, career services, and academic advisers.

University of Florida: The distance learning courses from the University of Florida brings with it, its own set of specialties like library resources, online registration system, career services, and online course management system. The online graduates get to join an alumni network of the university but they are required to meet the stipulations of university policies and general admission procedures laid down by the online course programs.

University of Massachusetts: Only some have the veracity to come true to be called the great universities in the world. It is already out there. On the top in all categories. Besides, it finds itself a place here too. Called UMass online, has a mass of opportunities to study. There are 40 undergraduate, 40 postgraduate, and even 4 doctor all degrees for grabs. Moreover, there are over a dozen certificate programs.

Boston University: On offer are available various bachelor’s degree programs and 18 master’s degree programs like taxation law, management, and art education. Other than that, doctoral programs in occupational theory and music education are also available. Over a dozen certification programs are also available for those who want to have less time taking and small-investment-kind-of credentials. They have access to career services, tutoring, and career services.

Northeastern University: If you are thinking of making it to this university, all the best because you are going to study in one of the great universities in the world. There are over a dozen programs for master’s degree covering specializations like project management, leadership, respiratory care, and homeland security. Moreover, there are doctoral degrees in transitional physical therapy and education. You are spoilt for choice with a range of different topics available for 20 certificate programs.