At one point or another, we all enjoy the services of an establishment in the hospitality industry. A cup of coffee at the cafe, some relaxing time at the spa and dinner at the restaurant are all experiences facilitated by the hospitality industry. The professionals who serve us at these establishments were once students of hospitality institutes. As such, these institutes go a long way in shaping the professionals who will provide services in real-world hospitality enterprises.image5

There are many good institutes where one can pursue a degree in a hospitality-related course. A good example is the Glion London School of Hospitality and Business. Students can learn the skills required to work and perform in the hospitality industry. Enterprises such as hotels, cafes, tourist lodges, spas and clubs are all in this sector. The staff who works there learned their skills by pursuing Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) degree courses. Descriptions of these courses are:

  • BBA in Sports and Event Management
  • BBA in Hospitality Management

BBA in Sports and Event Management

Lasting for three and half years, this is a degree program where the students examine the sports and events industries. They learn how to treat entertainment as a commodity. While pursuing this degree course, they develop some special skills such as leadership, critical thinking as well as how to solve problems creatively. For one to successfully complete this degree course, two internships and a hands-on learning experience must be conducted. Due to the interactive activities involved in this degree course, many students enroll in it.image4

BBA in Hospitality Management

Also known as a bachelor in hotel management Switzerland, this is a degree course that helps students to get a general understanding of the various aspects involved in managing hospitality enterprises. The students who enroll in this degree course normally have aspirations to be a:

  1. Hotelier or cafe owner
  2. Manager
  3. Executive in a hospitality enterprise

This course lasts for 3 and a half years. It consists of 5 semesters and 2 internships. During this period, the students are able to learn all that is involved in the hospitality industry.

To enjoy a high-quality education experience, it is important to enroll in an institute that is recognized for its professionalism. Professional institutes normally have one outstanding characteristic. Here it is.

Proper global accreditation

There is an organization that provides accreditation for hospitality institutes. It is known as the Commission on Institutes of Higher Education (CIHE). While seeking an institute to enroll in, ensure that you check if it is accredited by this organization. If it is, you can be sure that the content taught in that institute is legitimate.


The hospitality industry is one of the main business sectors in all nations today. We thrive and get through the day thanks to enterprises in this sector. The learning process of the professionals in this sector is indicated above.


Alexander Fernandise is a professional hospitality sector analyst. With more than ten years of assessing, writing about and reporting on this industry, he is a respected figure. He has served on the assessment boards of hospitality institutes and represented accreditation organizations too. Visit this link for more information.