There are different types of roof structures and roof framing as well. You can choose any of the style or design of the roof structure for your house. There are plain roof structures as well as dimensional roof structures.

Different roof structures:

  • Valley structure:

Valley structure is one of the famous roof structure and contains a huge demand in the market. Valley structure roof is looking like the slopes on either side. These roof structures have a benefit that the waterfall on it from the rain slides down the roof and no water stayed there on these roofs. These roofs are also beneficial for the cold areas where there is snowfall as it slides down the snow fall immediately after falling.

  • Hip structure:

The hip structure is also just like the valley roof structure as it can be designed like a mountain and looks from the corner of the wall. These type of roof structure also prevent the rainwater and snowfall from staying on the roof as the water and snow slide down from the roof to the ground.

  • Deep eaves structure:

Deep eaves structure is made to allow the air to pass through into the attic. In this structure, the deep eaves are vented to about 12 inches continuously to the outer side. The soffit vent is also installed in this process.

  • Shallow eaves structure:

Shallow eaves structure is one of the most popular structures in theroof. This structure have the proper air circulation system and have venting less than the 12 inches continuously

Different roof framing:

  • Stick-framed roof:

Stick-framed roofs are designed to a triangular shape between the rafters and the ceiling joists. In the middle, it contains a collar beam which strengthens its structure from the middle. These frames are commonly used in most of the houses as it contains a structure like a slope. Rafters are installed individually on both sides of the ridge board from thetop of the roof to the ridge.

  • Truss-framed roof:

Truss roof frames are stronger than any other roof frames but these frames are lighter in weight. These roof frames use asmall length of the logs whereas the stick-framed roofs required larger logs. These frames are manufactured carefully by the engineers that are why these frames are agood choice for the roof. It requires a distance of about 16 inches to each.

  • Timber framing:

Timber frames are commonly used for the roof structure. This roof framing is cheaper than the other framing like metal framing. These frames are reliable and need less maintenance cost.

  • Metal framing:

Metal framing is expensive than the timber framing because it is made with the pure metal material and therefore, it is stronger and reliable to face all kind of weather conditions. These frames are fire resistant and do not get corrosion whereas the steel frames get corrosion in coastal areas.

From the above, we concluded that there are different types of theroof structure and roof framing that contain different styles and designs. These roof structures are made with the professional skills. There is also a huge range of framing, some are expensive and some are cheaper. All contain different benefits and you can install any of them according to your demand.If your roof is damaged and beyond repair then in that case you really need to contact professional Roofing contractors in southeast Michigan (A2Roofing,2723 S State St, Ann Arbor, MI 48104) for a professional advice.