The people who are used to Accustar would love the Alpha Track Test Kit At 100 as it is one of the best house radon detector. It creates a healthy as well as safe and sound environment for the entire family.

This radon detector helps in testing the long term radon for the entire family and friends. This reason why it conducts long term tests is that with its help the true concentration of radon is depicted and then it improves the conditions of the house. This device takes around 3-12 months for the exposure time. Alpha Track Test Kit At 100 kit is small but the work done by it is really big.Safety-Siren-Pro-Series

Working of Alpha Track Test Kit At 100

There is a unique code specified for every detector and there are two data sheets which are to be filled and then the customers can send those sheets back for the testing of the device. This model has a base which is in the shape of hemisphere and this attracts a lot of people. This type of base is basically designed so that the sensitivity is maximised.

The level of radon is higher at the place which is located closest to the ground and for this reason the users should place Alpha Track Test Kit at the lowest level. It would take around 3 to 12 months and then one should ship the testing kit to the lab for knowing the results. There would be some documents provided to buyers at the time of purchasing and those should be filled carefully before the shipping process starts. It would take around a week and then the results would be available.


  • Can read bar code
  • A large and better foil area
  • The base is in the shape of hemisphere
  • Can be used both indoor as well as outdoor

Pros and Cons of Accustar Alpha Track Test Kit At 100 


  • It is rated as the No.1 device
  • This product is verified by EPA
  • The results are accurate
  • Easy usage


  • The final results make take more than 10 days
  • To get the outcome of the results, the user would have to send the entire device


This device is gaining a lot of fame as it is easy to use. The other reason why people should go for it is that entire family from the lung cancer. The Alpha track Test Kit is rated as the no.1 product because the results carried by it are perfect. This kit has one single device and instructions are easy to understand. This is the reason why is the recommend to the customers are one would not feel low after purchasing this device. It has two test results and thus the customers can rely upon it with closed eyes as well. People can easily afford it as the price charged for it is very reasonable. A lot of time is saved and it would eliminate the risk of cancer. So without thinking much, one should go and buy this device for sure.