About Us

ImageMy self Parvesh Bravo from India, doing business of website promotion, Social Media, publishing, and Web personalization,  service with good customer satisfaction record.

What are the challenges faced?

In my initial phase of business when I start write website content, I got so busy that within a couple of months, I had to hire other freelance writers to keep pace. But today, I have a wide portfolio of my success work.

Continuing education was second big challenges that I faced

While the basics of SEO are pretty much the same today as they were years ago, the overall search/SEO landscape never stops changing. Fortunately, there are a lot of places where you can learn for the long haul.

What is the situation of current market for online marketing ?

Online presence is a must for companies in the present-day context as maximum customers can be targeted in that medium only. Search engine optimization and social media are two popular concepts in the Indian context for branding and promotion.

Online directories and listings help in registering business information and key people who can again be targeted as potential prospects

What you feel about online business scope in India?

There is definitely a good market for online business in India, although most of the customers are not fully aware about the online business, but promoting business has yet to be exploited in a bigger way.