If you’ve been smoking for some time, quitting can feel like an impossible feat. However, millions of ex-smokers around the world are solid proof that with the right attitude and tools, it can definitely be done. Quitting smoking will provide you with instant health benefits, as well as reducing your chances of suffering serious medical consequences in the future. While the up-sides of quitting are well known, we know that the process of getting there can still be tough. Use these tips to help get you started.

  1. Consider making the switch to vaping. In the past, smokers who wanted to quit had to settle for a rough cold turkey cut-off, or often-ineffective patches and gums. These days, there’s a better alternative. Consider looking into vape kits australia and taking up vaping as a healthier, more cost effective alternative to cigarettes. If your plan is to get off the nicotine altogether, you can use the various juice strengths to taper yourself off of nicotine over time.
  2. Get into an exercise routine. Exercise is an all-round good thing for most of us, but it can be particularly useful when you’re trying to give up an unhealthy habit like smoking. When you get your heart pumping in the gym, your brain releases dopamine, so you won’t have to reach for a cigarette for a similar lift. Putting your focus on getting fit will also help distract your mind and give you a new healthy focus while you quit.
  3. Stock up on nutritious snacks. Many smokers find that quitting leads to unexpected food cravings, particularly for sugar-laden snacks. To head off the carb cravings, fill your kitchen with nutritious options that will fuel your body and brain while satisfying those hunger pangs.
  4. Make a plan for difficult moments. Before you quit, you should expect to have difficult moments when cravings come on strong. This is an inevitable part of quitting, so it’s important to have a game plan in place to help tackle the thoughts that will be crying out for a smoke. Meditation and deep, focused breathing can be a helpful tool for getting your mind away from negative thoughts.
  5. Tell everyone you want to quit. If your family and friends are aware that you’re intending to quit smoking, they’ll be able to support you and hold you accountable throughout the process. Let them in and ask for a pep talk when you need one – they’ll probably be happy to help.
  6. Throw away any temptations. If you have any cigarettes, lighters, or other paraphernalia in your home, get rid of them as soon as you plan to quit. They’ll only provide temptation that will make it harder to get your mind away from smoking, so cut your losses and let them go.
  7. Make a motivation list. If you feel your willpower running low, it can be helpful to have a list of positive aspects of quitting smoking ready to read at all times. Make a list of all of the reasons you want to quit, as well as potential rewards for reaching milestones of days without a smoke. Grab your list whenever you feel weak and remind yourself of all of the great reasons you have for quitting.