You finally have the interview for that dream job (or just a well paying job), but you are not quite prepared. To help bring out the best you can offer, there are various things you need to do beforehand. Nobody likes to run around trying to find the correct pair of socks for their outfit five minutes before they have to catch the bus. This is a quick guide to follow if you wish to optimise your time and efforts.

  1. Make sure you do sufficient research into the company you have applied to

They will not expect you to talk about all of the things you have learnt, but they will expect the right answers when asked. It is more than a matter of courtesy to be, somewhat, familiar with their business even if you have previously worked within the same role at different places.

  1. Go over possible questions you may be asked

There is nothing worse than being caught off-guard and having to make up scenarios on the spot, trying to convincingly lie to someone who has interviewed hundreds of people is not a good idea. For example, if you apply for digital recruitment in London, you would be expected to give examples of previous work experience and possibly demonstrate relevant skills. In this situation, honesty is worth more than a convincing lie. You should try your best to avoid simply saying you do not have an answer to every other question. There is a fine line between incompetence and honesty, so do your homework and prepare thoroughly.

  1. Know your CV

    Answering questions aimed at your CV is always easier if you think in terms of skills and the experiences and accomplishments that helped better you for work. For example, you may have dealt with a situation that would normally require your manager, showing your ability to problem solve and initiative.

  2. Gather and prepare your outfit
    Make sure what you wear is suitable for the role you have applied to. In most cases it will be formal, which means avoiding being over or under dressed. Appropriate colours and styles matter as you will be trying to fit in to the company, not making fashion statements. A simple call to the company and they will be able to advise you quickly, if you are totally unsure.
  3. Plan your journey

    Plan your journey carefully, bearing in mind rush hour times and the weather. Your outfit may be impeccable and your answers well polished, but showing up late or soaked in the rain can easily ruin your day.

  4. Take your time and get enough rest

Get enough sleep, have a good breakfast and relax. You want to be in the best mindset you can and a good nights sleep is necessary for that. Food is integral to our daily lives, so it should not come as a surprise to find out that having enough energy can help you think and function properly. Lastly, try your best to relax before job interview. It is not easy to do which is why this comes in last because if you have done your best to accomplish all of the previous things then you would have placed yourself in the best position to succeed. Success does not come overnight, it takes good preparation.