A road trip can be one of the most exciting ways to travel and explore a new destination. Unlike airplanes or motorcoaches, you don’t have a set schedule and can come and go as you please. You also don’t have to deal with obnoxious travelers snoring or stealing your armrest. However, if you don’t prepare yourself correctly, you may have an annoying journey ahead of you.

Whether you’re traveling alone or with a group, you’ll want to consider the following five ways to make your road trip more fun, such as choosing the type of music you like, how many hours you intend to travel each day, and the places you want to see.

Choose the Right Soundtrack

A common mistake among people going on a road trip is not deciding what they’d like to listen to beforehand. Don’t wait until the trip starts to find out that your friend loves heavy metal while you only listen to country music. Try to find some common ground, especially since the wrong music can affect everyone’s mood. The best course of action is to sign up for a music-streaming service and create a playlist everyone enjoys.

Take Breaks When Necessary

Remember that every person is different and should be respected. You may need to use the bathroom every hour, while your friend needs constant cigarette breaks. Also, if you happen to have only one driver for the trip, make sure you limit how many hours this person will drive per day. Take frequent breaks to rest and avoid accidents.

Visit Roadside Attractions

When you’re traveling, keep in mind that the journey is as important as the destination. Instead of driving mindlessly until you get to where you’re going, learn about nearby attractions and make the most of them. Sometimes, these off-route adventures may be what makes your trip memorable.

Don’t Stay in Your Car the Entire Time

If you’re traveling for a long time, you’ll soon need to get out of the car, stretch, and do something interesting. Many cities in the United States now offer bike-sharing programs, where you can rent a bike for a short time and explore tourist attractions. You only need to park your car for the day, get on a bike, and get your body moving while you’re having fun.

Try to Avoid Conflict

You don’t want arguments to interfere with your road trip. You’re already confined to a small space, and no one needs any headaches. If you’re usually a chatterbox, you may want to tone down and check to see if others traveling with you want to talk. Personal grooming is also important, since no one likes to travel with a smelly passenger. Make phone calls only during a break so that you don’t annoy others.

When people start planning their road trips, they usually think they only need to pack their bags and get in the car. However, if they’re not careful, the journey could turn into a nightmare. If you follow the tips above, you’ll have a better chance of having an amazing road trip adventure.