Kolkata is the capital of the Indian state of West Bengal and is regarded as the main commercial, the cultural and educational hub of East India. The city of Kolkata is rich in culture and heritage, making a living in this city an adventure on its own. Kolkata which was once ruled by the British still holds architecture built by the British back in 1690. However, with development, there is another side to the story as well with modern designs influencing the architecture of this city. This post discusses five checkpoints you must not ignore when looking for flats and apartments in Kolkata.

Kolkata is mostly famous for- it’s education and architectural heritage. Over the years Kolkata has seen a lot of positive changes regarding real estate. Places such as Ballygunge, New Town among others are now seen sprawling with up and coming real estate projects and flats that appeal to the new and old generation of Indians. Check out the five things you must not ignore when looking for flats and apartments in Kolkata:

  1. Market Research:

A market search will help you know about all the available and upcoming projects within the area of your choice. Not only this, but it will also help you compare the prices of the projects while making your estimate property budget. Knowing about the different prices offered by different real estate projects will ensure you make the correct decisions when it comes to purchasing the right flat in Kolkata.

  1. Location of the Property:

The location of any upcoming project that you are interested in is essential. You should always assess your surrounding locality based on its distance from the airport or the nearest railway station, the nearest market, connectivity to the other neighbouring areas and the amenities provided. An area with ready facilities will help you settle in your new home better.

  1. Budget:

Setting a separate estimated budget for buying flats in Kolkata will ensure you don’t fall into any additional debt traps when it comes to financing your dream home. Having a budget will help you chose the most affordable property which is easy on the budget you fix.

  1. Home Loan:

Even after having a fixed budget, it is common to fall into a shortage of funds. This is when other professional money lending institutions such as Banks and other such institutions come into play. However, you should always compare different Home Loan options and interest rates to find the most suitable Home Loan that fits your requirements.

  1. Home Inspection:

After gathering the funds required to buy your new home, you should conduct a home inspection to make sure you are investing your hard earned money in the right property. This will also help familiarise yourself with your new locality.

Buying your flat can be a daunting task. If you keep the points mentioned above in mind, then there is no way you can end up making a wrong choice in buying flats in Kolkata.