Over the last decade, the rise of the startup has been nothing short of meteoric. This can be explained by all kinds of things. The development of mobile and digital technologies has been a huge contributor, as ‘anywhere connectivity’ allows companies to become more agile and operate from increasingly unconventional locations.

Dramatic economic shifts have been another driving factor. In 2008, the global recession forced big businesses into retreat and allowed entrepreneurs to benefit from a more flexible and intimate connection to the market. Now, startups are ruling the world from Hong Kong to Sydney and they are making use of innovative new tools and resources to make it happen.

This guide to the benefits of using virtual offices will explain why short-term contracts and customisable facilities are helping startups to succeed.

You Can Hit the Ground Running

The most immediate advantage of working from a virtual office is that there’s no downtime needed between having that great idea – the one that is sure to take you places – and actually putting it into action. If you have a product or a service that is ready to be sold, you can use ‘pay as you go’ access to broadband, conference rooms, telephone services, IT solutions, and more to start making money.

You Only Pay for What You Use

There is no other leasing arrangement that allows tenants to pay for exactly what they require or have already used and no more. Check out www.servcorp.com.au/en/virtual-offices/prices-locations/melbourne/ to find out about the rates and fees associated with these virtual facilities. It is absolutely true that you can pick and choose what you need. There are all kinds of packages available, but you can simply access the internet, make calls, pick up mail, book out boardroom spaces, or whatever else you require and then pay for it, with no strings attached.

They Offer Amazing Locations

Startups shouldn’t underestimate the power of a high profile corporate address. If you were to lease in a prestigious business district in a conventional fashion, it would cost you a lot of money. A virtual setup, on the other hand, gives you everything that comes with an eminent rental, apart from the sky high prices. Even if you don’t choose to pay for a personal office space and, instead, just access a workstation when needed, the address can be used as your own. Mail will be received, processed, and securely stored according to your instructions.

You Can Stay Connected 24/7

The thing about startups is that don’t always require a constant and costly base. Sometimes, a secure location for mail and phone calls is enough and the rest is managed on the move. A good example of this would be a mobile nail or hair salon. There needs to be a dedicated line for customer bookings, but a full office lease would be wasteful because all of the major equipment and assets are kept on the move. With a virtual office, you can pay for 24/7 receptionist facilities. Not only does this allow startups to stay connected, it hands the pressure of taking bookings and calls to a reliable third party.

Everything Is Maintained On Your Behalf

Don’t forget that, by not owning anything outright, you’re not responsible for maintaining it. You have a right to expect and demand that all facilities operate at a high level, all the time, but it is not your job to make it happen. This allows startups to focus less on fussy logistics and more on actually making money, driving sales, and liaising with investors. In other words, everything will work perfectly, every time. There are no internet dropouts, no IT meltdowns, no lost mail, and no cleaning fees to contend with.

How to Find the Perfect Virtual Office Solutions for Your Business

The first thing that you need to do is identify your needs. Do you require conference spaces in which to host clients? Do you need a dedicated phone line? Is it important for your business to have private space or could co-hosting be a viable option? Once you know what you want, you can start to look at the market rates and search for a location in Sydney, Perth, Adelaide, or Melbourne that will give investors a reason to take a second look.